Frequently Asked Question

BEYOND does not see QM2000
Last Updated 4 years ago

Please make sure LD2000 is installed on the computer and running correctly before trying to run BEYOND.

Second, make sure the QM2000 hardware is activated in BEYOND. The first screen BEYOND opens after the license agreement is a hardware activation screen where you can activate the QM2000 hardware. If this screen was missed, you can get back to it by pressing and holding the control (CTRL) key when you click the BEYOND icon, continue holding CTRL until a "Welcome to BEYOND" screen appears where you can activate the QM2000 hardware. Check for the "x" in the box next to the QM2000; if it isn’t activated (with an “x” present in the box) then click the box to add the “x” and then click "Go BEYOND", BEYOND should now see the QM2000 and open for you.

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