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BEYOND Video on Timeline
Last Updated 4 years ago

To use video on a timeline you need to set your video card up to use each "monitor" separately through your video properties or the application that came with your video card (nVidia Control Panel is what came with my video card). (Your video projector is considered a monitor).

Once you have each monitor set up independently you will open BEYOND, go to the timeline section and add a video to the timeline. A Video window should open, if not click on the "Video" button (with the "film reel" icon) at the top of the user interface and one will open. All you need to do is to right click on the video window and choose "Full Screen on Monitor #" with # being the number of the monitor you have your video projector assigned to. If you choose the wrong one, close the video window, reopen it and send it to the other one. :-)

Attached are 3 screen shots of this being set up and one picture of the results (In this example two monitors are used with the second monitor representing a video projector)

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